December 2016
West Deptford Energy Station

Marubeni sold 17.5% of the West Deptford project to affiliates of The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., while retaining a 17.5% interest.


September 2016
West Deptford Energy Station

Marubeni announced its purchase of 35% of the West Deptford project from one or more affiliates of LS Power. West Deptford is a 751MW gas fired power station in Paulsboro, NJ that reached COD in November 2014 and sells power, capacity and ancillary services into the PJM market.

June 2015
CPV St. Charles Energy Center

Marubeni sold 25% of the interests in St Charles to Osaka Gas, while retaining a 25% interest.

August 2014 
CPV St. Charles Energy Center

CPV, Marubeni Corporation and Toyota Tsusho announced the financial close for a 725 MW facility in Maryland.
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January 2014 
Shiloh IV Wind Project

EDF Renewable Energy and Marubeni Corporation announced that Marubeni acquired a 90% economic interest in the 102.5MW Shiloh IV Wind Project located in Solano County California.
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November 2012
Hardee Refinancing

Invenergy and Marubeni Corporation announced the successful refinancing of the Hardee Power Plant, a 370 MW natural gas-fired energy facility in Florida.
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October 2012
Lakefield Wind Project

EDF Renewable Energy and Marubeni Corporation announced that they have signed an agreement under which Marubeni will acquire a 50% economic interest in the 205.5 MW Lakefield Wind Project subject to customary condition precedent. The Lakefield Wind Project which is located in Minnesota consists of 137 GE 1.5MW turbines and commenced operations in 2011.
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February 2012
Cricket Valley Energy Center

Marubeni Corporation acquired a minority interest in the Cricket Valley Energy Center power generation project being developed by Advanced Power. The 1,000 MW combined-cycle power plant proposed for Dover, NY will be based on GE's latest 7FA gas turbine technology and will only use natural gas, which is considered to be the cleanest burning fossil fuel. The project's low-impact design will include air-cooling, as well as a zero-liquid discharge system to reduce impacts on the environment, conserving the local water supply and the surrounding wetlands.
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January 2011
Raleigh Wind Energy Centre

Marubeni Corporation has completed a transaction with Invenergy Wind LLC ("Invenergy") to acquire a 49% ownership interest in Invenergy's Raleigh Wind Energy Centre ("Raleigh"), a 78 megawatt ("MW") wind farm under construction in Ontario, Canada. Raleigh will be Marubeni's first power project investment in Canada.
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November 2010
Electric Infrastructure Alliance of America

Marubeni and its partners purchased Sharyland Utilities and Cap Rock Energy, two electric T&D utilities in Texas, and put them in a newly-created REIT structure, Electric Infrastructure Alliance of America (EIAA). Following the acquisition, EIAA will develop Sharyland's transmission lines and substations in the Competitive Renewable Energy Zones ("CREZ") in the Texas Panhandle and South Plains. Partners have committed additional capital, up to $2.1 billion of equity, to additional development and to acquisitions in EIAA and a related gas REIT, GIAA
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October 2010
Atlantic Wind Connection

Marubeni is a 15% partner in Atlantic Wind Connection, which is developing a subsea HVDC backbone along the Atlantic coast from Virginia to New Jersey. The project is expected to be built in 5 stages, and when finished will provide reliability benefits along the Mid-Atlantic Area National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor and will allow 6,000 MW of offshore wind capacity to connect to Eastern load centers. Relative to individual tie-lines for wind farms, the backbone provides greater reliability benefits, allows equipment suppliers to achieve efficient scale and has a smaller environmental footprint.


May 2009
Invenergy Thermal Portfolio

Marubeni Corporation acquired 49% ownership interest in Invenergy Thermal Financing which in turn owns a portfolio of 1,041MW natural gas fired power plants in Florida, Colorado and Minnesota. The projects include: i) Hardee 370MW gas fired combined cycle/peaking plant, ii) Spindle Hill 314MW peaking plant and iii) Cannon Falls 357 MW peaking plant. All plants are contracted with investment grade utilities and cooperatives for more than 15 years and it is expected to deliver predictable cash flow and income.
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